Mentor-Mentee Programme

Besides the routine schedule of learning and teaching, the students and faculty of MGMCRI take part in the mentor-mentee programme, where each student (mentee) is attached with one faculty (mentor) of MGMCRI. The purpose of this programme is to develop a sound relationship between the mentee and the mentor so that the mentor can be a trusted counselor, guide, true friend and first level problem solver for the mentee.

  • The Mentor-Mentee meetings are scheduled to be on every second Tuesday of the month from 3.30 pm to 4.00 pm. Extra meetings beyond the scheduled meeting shall be fixed with prior appointment and discussion with the mentor.
  • Mentee should maintain a log book of the meetings throughout MBBS course and should submit it to the Dean’s office after completion of internship
  • University hall ticket will be issued only after production of the log book, with stipulated numbers of meetings with mentor, to the Dean’s office.



Mentor Guidelines 2015

Mento-Mentee Log Book 2015