The Eco club of Mahatma Gandhi Medical college & Research Institute held it’s first poster competition to commemorate the National wildlife week on the 8th of October between 4 and 6 PM in the college block.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from the student community and a total of 22 teams registered for the event. The range of ideas depicted varied from the abstract to the concrete. Vividity of the colours used and their relevance were reminiscent of the precious wildlife that needs us to step up and ensure their protection. Most of the participants were from the 2015-2016 batch, providing an impetus to their inclusion in the club membership programme.

The event was adjudicated by Emeritus Professor of Surgery Dr.Robinson Smile, Professor of Preventive & Social Medicine Dr. Narayanan.K.A & Vice Principal – Student Affair’s Dr.Partha Nandi. These posters were scored based on their content, creativity and presentation individually by each of the three adjudicators.