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Attendance Policy

Students pursuing the MBBS degree course at MGMCRI are required to comply with our Attendance Policy in all phases of their education and training.

        As a professional course, we expect required attendance and active participation in all components of the curriculum including lectures, tutorials, practicals, patient clinics and other academic activities.  It is expected of the students to demonstrate their professional commitment through active participation in all aspects of the curriculum as defined by the Institute.

Leave rules & Procedure

  • MGMCRI faculty and management stress that the students maintain, a healthy 90% and above attendance in the clinical, lecture and non –lecture formats.
  • Students absence from any of the above curricular activities should be notified to the  Head of the Departments concerned and the office of the Dean. For students staying in the hostel, a permission letter from the parent / guardian / addressed to the Dean, is a pre-requisite for processing of leave, along with the leave application from the students.
  • Students posted in clinical specialties, need to get permission from the Head of the department concerned before applying for leave from the office of the Dean.

Vacations and Holidays

The vacations period and the list of approved holidays, is published in the academic calendar.  Students are not allowed to begin vacations before the published vacation start date of extend vacation beyond the published vacation end date.

 Consequences of Non-compliance with attendance policy

  • The students who do not satisfy the attendance requirements as per SBV regulations will not be allowed to appear for the University examinations.
  • Students need to attend extra remedial classes and assignments to complete the course requirements.