Being a member of the MGMCRI community is a privilege, which comes with the responsibility to act in accordance with all institutional rules and policies. The Student Code of Conduct exists to provide information on these behavioral expectations and to articulate the process of addressing violations of these expectations.

MGMCRI is committed to the holistic development of our students, and part of this commitment is instilling integrity, encouraging right decision-making, and fostering self-accountability. Each student is expected to grow and develop during their time here, to be more than when they began their journey of life. The goal of the Student Code of Conduct is to facilitate this growth by educating and fostering the civility, communality, and social decorum required of an educational institution.

As members of a learning community, all student members of the MGMCRI community have certain responsibilities to the institution and to its members. These include:

  • Respect for the rights of others, which includes the obligation to refrain from conduct that violates or adversely affects the rights of other members of the MGMCRI college community.
  • The obligation to refrain from conduct in the general community, which adversely affects MGMCRI.
  • The responsibility for the avoidance of force, violence, threat, or harassment.
  • The responsibility for the avoidance of disruption. Certain kinds of conduct can convert the expression of opinion into disruption.
  • The responsibility to comply with social laws and regulations.
  • Student members of the MGMCRI College community must be aware that they continue to be subject to the obligations of all citizens while they attend the college.
  • The College is committed to the observance of the laws. There is no immunity on campus from the prohibitions of state and federal law.
  • The obligation to ensure that the conduct of others who come to the College through a student’s invitation or permission complies with the rules and regulations of the College.
  • The obligation to respect the environment of MGMCRI College, which includes respect for the physical features of the campus and its facilities as well as the special needs of an institution of learning, such as quiet and privacy.
  • The obligation to provide proper identification when requested to do so by a representative of the College. All students are expected to carry their MGMCRI College identification card at all times and to produce it when requested. ID cards may be electronically scanned by a College official to confirm a student’s status.
  • The responsibility to cooperate with College officials in the performance of their duties.
  • The responsibility to respect the values and traditions of MGMCRI College as a prestigious medical institution.



1.1.    Academic Policies

Students are expected to maintain high standards of integrity in their academic work and comply with the MGMCRI’s academic policies and procedures.

1.2    Conditions of Residency

Students residing in MGMCRI College hostel facilities are held by the policies and rules and procedures of the Student Guide as well as the Conditions of Residency, which includes the Fire Safety and Security Policies.

1.3    Guest Policy

Any student who hosts a person on campus with permission of the authority is responsible for ensuring that such person knows and adheres to all regulations of the Code of Student Conduct and all MGMCRI policies and procedures.  Students are responsible for the behavior of their guests and may be held accountable for violations committed by their guests, including restitution for damage to MGMCRI facilities or other restitution as necessary.  Responsibility under the rules may occur even if the host is not a participant in the activity or has left the guest(s) alone.

1.4    Motorized Vehicle policy

Any students undergoing course of MBBS in MGMCRI are not allow not to possess or ride/drive bike or car inside the campus at any given point of time unless prescribed or advice on medical background. Students are allowed to possess non-motorized bicycles for commuting to college and other places inside the campus. Violation of the rules of vehicle policy will lead to procedures and disciplinary action.

1.5   Property Damage

Damage or destruction of property is a very serious offense. Instances of deliberate or malicious damage will be referred to the Student Conduct System for conduct action and appropriate sanctions.





It is needless to state that maintaining discipline is of utmost important factor to any organization to perform well.  It is very important in respect of medical institutions where sick/diseased people are to be treated with the best possible care. The college believes that without good discipline it would not be possible to win academic laurels. Hence, the students are instructed to maintain strict discipline in activities on and off the campus.

Dress Code

You are reminded that this is a professional medical school. Although you are not a doctor yet, we and the general public expect you to conduct yourself in a manner that is expected of physicians. This also applies to personal grooming and the dress you wear in classes and in public places in campus and while in hospitals and other health facilities. The intention of the dress code is to contribute to your overall professional development. What is appropriate and what is not is clarified below: All students should wear Uniform as approved by the institute.

Male students

  1. Must be in clean, well pressed Uniform with white apron to be worn.
  2. a) Formal foot wear only to be worn.
  3. b) Clean shaven face with or without groomed moustache.
  4. ID Card to be worn at all times.
  5. Jeans, T-shirts and clothing with inappropriate slogans are unacceptable.
  6. No Ear rings / Bangles to be worn without religious or cultural purpose.

Female students

  • Must be in clean, well pressed Uniform with white apron to be worn.
  • ID card should we worn at all times inside the Campus.
  • Tight clothing are not permitted.
  • Hair to be well combed and not let loose.
  • T-shirts, jeans and tight legings with short Kurthas are not acceptable.Finger Nails to be neat and trimmed.
  •   Any Student found guilty of ragging (any kind of physical or mental harassment) and Bullying will be EXPELLED forth with from the college and would be handed over to police depending upon the offence committed.Students indulging in Eve teasing will be expelled forth with.
  • SMOKING AND DRINKING are prohibited inside the campus/hostels.
  • Cleanliness of the campus is important. Students should discard the garbage only in the dust-bins provided and should not spit on the walls and floor. Students responsible for loss of damage of the institute property will be severely punished.
  • Students are required to maintain not only good academic progress but also high degree of discipline in the campus. For this they are required to give due respect to the faculty, staff and other elders.
  • Students have to be patient and kind while dealing with patients.
  • Students need to maintain a cordial relationship with others especially teachers, seniors and patients maintaining harmony in a multicultural environment.
  • Students have to be punctual for all theory, practical, clinical postings, and experiments, laboratory besides meeting, connected with academics and research.
  • Try and attend all meetings arranged by the Scientific and Academic Forum.
  • Stay till the end of the meeting / seminars whenever these are arranged.
  • Students can use cell phones or Laptops in the college only for academic purpose when directed by faculty.
  • Wear the coats when in the college and hospital campus.
  • Maintain a eco-friendly campus.
  • Conserve energy by switching off fans and lights when not in use.



All the students should try to achieve 100% attendance.

Leave of absence due to sickness, attending family functions, participation paper presentation in conferences, Symposia, seminars, workshops; participation in cultural and sports events should not exceed 20% of the classes


A Minimum of 80% attendance in each subject is necessary to write the tests for internal assessment.

MCI Regulations requires 75% attendance in each subject to write the University examinations and 80% in Non lecture methods.

Students with less than required attendance will have to repeat the course. Such students will be permitted to appear for the University examination only when he/ she earns the required attendance.

The prescribed 75% is only a minimum requirement. As a medical students, each student should try to earn 100% attendance. Only then he / she will be proficient in a particular.


A student has to obtain a minimum of 50% marks in the internal assessment in every subject to be permitted to appear for the University examinations in that subject as per the guidelines of the University / MCI.